tutorials on How to connect your home computer from Remote location?

f you want to connect your computer to another in a workgroup or whatever the name of your workgroup is and you wanted to access all the computer and used any application that are being installed from any other remoter computer(client) or to open any data

This simple steps will teach you how to access remotely as you were using your own computer just follow this step to configure your computer to access any computer in a workgroup

But before you can used this feature make sure that you log in as the admininstrator

To perform this make sure your both computers are connected to the internet.

First your computer will be configure as the host computer that allows the users to connect it remotely. On the host computer, right click on "My computer" and click on Properties option.

Under the Remote tab, select the option "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer" and click Ok button.

Now get the IP address of host computer (type the "ipconfig /all" on the command prompt of host computer to find IP address).

Now make a connection on remote or client computer, click on Start button, go to All Programs> Accessories, and Communications, then click on Remote Desktop Connection, option. A Remote Desktop Connection, dialog box will appear.

Click on Options button for detail configuration, under the General tab, type the IP address of host computer in the Computer box and also type username and password of host computer then click on Connect button to make a connection to remote computer.

If your username and password is correct then a remote desktop windows will appear.