Top 10 Tutorials for Affiliate Marketers Using Google AdWords

For those who want to make money online , this is for you , Few days ago As i google with the keyword make money online I can't believe with the result, Surely there are million of people want to earn money via internet .. guess what how much the result as i googled it.. it's too many , more than a million exactly but let me give you the exact result thats 166,000,000 wow quite numerous right . but dont let this overwhelm and discourage you, I know you have a millions of competence but you can survive if you have patient to be a the top in google and yahoo page rank but where not tackle about page ranking here.

One way of earning much money it to sell affiliate products is using Google AdWords.

To do that all you have to is to follow the tutorials below.

1. Seek out affiliate products that generate fifteen dollars or more in commission. Anything in the twenty-dollar range works well. Paying for clicks can add up quickly and when you do make a sell, it should be profitable.

2. The vendor must present a high quality website with first-rate graphics. If the site appears to be unprofessional, any potential buyer will loose confidence and leave before the sell is made.

3. Make it a requirement that the vendor website only displays one product or service on the referral page. Nothing kills a sell faster than having to many sells messages.

4. The vendor needs to include outstanding sales copy. It's easy to realize the importance of this principle; words are what turn shoppers into buyers on the Internet.

5. When evaluating a potential affiliate program ask yourself if this product or service is something you would feel comfortable buying. Put yourself in the place of the buyer. If you wouldn't buy it, why would they?

6. It's preferable if the vendor site does not obviously advertise for the recruitment of more affiliates. An affiliate link is fine as long as it is low key.

7. The best affiliate programs will attempt to secure the email address of your referrals. Some prospects need to see a sales message at least seven times before they will buy. Make sure you still get credit for sales made during the follow up.

8. The vendor should provide testimonials. Testimonials create confidence and trust leading your prospects to make a purchase.

9. You will recognize a profitable affiliate program because at least one in fifty clicks creates a sell. Constantly monitor your expense versus profit for each set of keywords.

10. Track your keywords and delete any that do not get clicked on after two hundred impressions. The higher your click through rate, the higher position you receive in relation to your competitors.