Tutorials on How To Triple Boot MAC OS X, Windows 7 and Ubuntu 8.10 Linux

If you are not contented with only one operating system in your computer and your wanted to discover something like you want to install more than one , like MAC OS AND UBUNTO..
The steps given below will teach you how to how to install more. you don't have to worry on how to follow this tutorials because this is just so easy

Just follow the step below ,, am sure you can do it. try it with yourself good luck

  • A Computer with at least 40GB SATA Hard Disk + 2Ghz Processor + 512MB RAM + DVD ROM
  • MAC OS X for Intel Architecture
  • Windows XP
  • Ubuntu Linux [Any linux will do, but i prefer UBUNTU]

Installing MAC OS X
  • Set your first boot device to DVD-ROM
  • Boot from MAC OS X DVD
  • Create atleat 15GB Partition for MAC and while formatting it, format it as MAC journal file system
  • Create atleast 15GB Partition for windows XP and while formatting it, format it as NTFS file system
  • Create atleast 8GB Partition for Linux and while formatting it, format it as Linux file system [EXT3 preffered]
  • Install MAC OS on the first partition
  • Follow the instructions. Its a GUI based istallation.

Installing Windows XP
  • Boot with Windows XP CD
  • Install Windows XP as you do it normally on the partition that you formatted as NTFS from MAC
  • But make sure you do not touch any other Partition
  • Reboot your computer

Installing Ubuntu Linux
  • Insert the Ubuntu CD and Boot from it
  • Select the partitions that you formatted as Linux file system while installing MAC
  • Now Create 1 GB swap partition from the remaining space
  • Install Ubuntu
  • Reboot

Now as grub has taken over all the boot loaders you will see only two options :
  • Ubuntu
  • Windows XP

But nothing to worry about...
  • Now select to boot with Ubuntu
  • Go to "/boot/grub/"
  • Open "menu.lst" file with administrator's right known as "root"
  • Add the following lines to the file and save it :

title Mac OS X (Tiger)
root (hd0,0)
chainloader +1

* Reboot
After restart whawlllla you made it...