Tutorials on How to destroy your confidential documents from your computer

this tutorials is very useful especially if you don't want anybody can trace you, like you want to hack for something or do some hacking. and a lot more... this is your perfect weapon to stay safe in the battle in cyber world

When you empty the trash, the files in it are deleted but not destroyed. With the right tools, it is indeed possible to recover. Freeraser Portable sees to it that the information really gets destroyed by the methods used by the U.S. military to ensure the confidentiality of information erased.

When you work in a cafe, or on a computer that is not your own, you may want to be sure that the files on which you have worked can not be restored or reconstructed. That is the whole point of an application such as Freeraser, which can be easily installed on a USB drive and start from this key without installation on machines on which you have work.

Freeraser has three modes of destruction:

  1. Fast: Files can not be reconstructed by conventional software methods to recover files.
  2. Forced: The file is destroyed by multiple crashes (3 assists) to resist the police investigative methods.
  3. Ultimate: This is the method of destruction used by the armies. There is no technical equipment to successfully reconstruct the file.

How to use Freeraser
  • Start FreeraserSetup
  • Click on Next
  • Click on Portable if you want to install it directly on a USB key, or click on Standard.
  • Click Next.
  • Run Freeraser from the Start menu or from the USB key.
  • A new trash appears on the desktop
  • Click the right button
  • Go to System, then in Destruction mode and choose Force (good compromise between efficiency and speed).
  • The trash is ready for use.
  • For irreversibly destroy a file or folder, simply drag its icon to the trash Freeraser and drop it. Trash will ask you to bring destruction.