Tutorials on How to Get Your Site Index in Google More Faster

The reason why I included this in my tutorials on how to get your site easily index in Google in short time because most of my friend murmured how long they have to wait before their site will be index even in Google. Some time ago one of my friend created a blog. you know what happen his greatly disappointed because it almost take a month before his blog being indexes in think about would that be.

Because my site was easily index by Google, Maybe they just did me a favor "just a joke"

Heres what i done why my site being quickly indexes

Hope this will help you too...

1. Join Technorati, MyBlogLog, Twitter
2. Add url to Google, Yahoo and MSN
3. Add url using Submit Express
4. Add url to FeedBurner, Google Webmaster
5. Please if you will follow this tutorials and apply this

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