Tutorial on How to Disable USB storage

Sometimes it is necessary to disable your usb storage device for security reason because of the viruses that can be carried thru usb once you inserted it. by disabling you are protecting your computer from harm and it will be prone from infection..

If you want to disable your usb storage just follow the step below

This tutorial can remove the automatic recognition when you insert a USB storage device like a USB flash drive or external hard drive. This allows for example to prevent anyone from recovering data on a machine with a USB support.

  • When you connect a USB stick for the first time on a computer, Windows will then detect and install the new device automatically.

  • The new device will be visible in Windows Explorer.

  • During the next insertion of the key, it will be directly detected. There is a way to prevent this, making detection device inactive.

  • Open regedit (Start, Run ... and then type regedit)

  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ UsbStor

  • In the right pane, change the Start value in giving it a value of 4 in hexadecimal (the default is 3).

  • If your device is already connected, it will be necessary to unplug it first so that it is disabled. Thereafter, the key will no longer be recognized at its inclusion.

  • If you wish to activate the USB devices, you must put the Start value to 3.