Tutorials on How to download rapishare files without waiting

I know most of us that downloaded a software,e books, music, for free in rapidshare that we need to wait for a couple of second before we can download again and I don;t like waiting and I know so do you... we need not to wait anymore because this simple tips or tweak that am going to tell you right now is the kind tutorials that you are looking for to download something from rapidshare without waiting, am pretty sure its a good news for all rapidshares user.

The simple step below will guide you

you need to Download Greasemonkey, it allows you to download rapidshare files without waiting. Greasemonkey is a very useful extension for Firefox. It is used to check if the rapidshare links are operational''Alive''or death''Dead''.

The interest of this extension is that it detects when the page download is complete, if the link is rapidshare ''Alive''or''Dead''.

In addition, it works inside your browser without any intervention on your part. But most of the time, that advantage is available only to people with the programming skills to make the changes they want. Its a free plug-in for Firefox, it simplifies tweaking the browser. For those who enjoy Firefox, you can install either because it is totally free. For those who enjoy Firefox, you can install either because it is free.

How to use:
1. Click on the rapidshare link with the middle button to appear in the background (Maybe not working well in some versions)
2. Continue surfing. (You can see the timer on the download in the title of the tab on the web rapidshare)
3. After a while the window appears to download, then save the file and close the tab that says "Done".

In case if you don't like the first tutorial you may try this one

There is the other add-on called Rapidshare Downloader 0.5.9, which helps to download Rapidshare continuously. When entering any page that links from Rapidshare, etc, will check them AUTOMATICALLY them. It works great the best downloader I have found thus far it has also been able to bypass the downloadable amount from rapid share per day.

and lastly this one ... too try it for yourself,,
all I need you to do is leave some comments

SkipScreen a Firefox extension that lets you skip the waiting time at Rapidshare, Megaupload, DepositFiles, divshare, Linkbucks and Link-Protector, also skips the previous pages that appear on these before starting the download, I prove and is excellent one comes out the download button