Tutorials on how to easily index your site quickly

I know many of us have the experience especially for noob that we have waited for a couple of weeks before our site get index and it can be frustrating. but worry not now because am going to reveal to you today one of my secret recipe to get your site to be easily index in search engine in a sure short quick time... and not only that while doing this simple step you will also be doing yourself a big favor, you will automatically creating a back link yap that right you heard me backlinks. am sure you cant wait to know it , yes let's get straight, enought taking .. let get to the climax

Will all the links that you can see below all you have to do is just replace yourdomain.com with the name of your website, then copy and paste each link in your browse

whallla inst that simple ..... now go ahead .. hope you appy it.. don't forget your comments ..

1- http://www.websiteoutlook.com/www.yourdomain.com

2- http://www.statbrain.com/www.yourdomain.com

3- http://www.builtwith.com/?yourdomain.com

4- http://snapshot.compete.com/yourdomain.com

5- http://www.aboutus.org/yourdomain.com

6- http://www.quantcast.com/yourdomain.com

7- http://www.cubestat.com/www.yourdomain.com

8- http://whois.tools4noobs.com/info/yourdomain.com

9- http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/yourdomain.com

10- http://www.alexa.com/data/details/?url=yourdomain.com

11- http://www.siteadvisor.cn/sites/yourdomain.com/summary/

12- http://whois.domaintools.com/yourdomain.com

13- http://www.aboutdomain.org/backlinks/yourdomain.com/

14- http://www.whoisya.com/yourdomain.com

15- http://www.who.is/whois-com/yourdomain.com

16- http://www.robtex.com/dns/yourdomain.com.html

17- http://www.zimbio.com/search?q=yourdomain.com&btnG=Search

18- http://whois.ws/whois-info/ip-address/yourdomain.com/

19- http://whoisx.co.uk/yourdomain.com

20- http://searchanalytics.compete.com/s…s/yourdomain.com

wait a minutes were not yet finished if you feel you don''t want to do it manually by copying and pasting

here's some another solution

Instead of manually changing each URL to your Domain you can use my script located here:

click it here