Win as much as 20000 dollar..

$500 Referral Contest
The member who makes the most referrals between now and and when we have a total of 25,000 posts on the forums will win $320, plus an entry into our tenth competition for $10,000.

The members who make the second and third most referrals will each receive $90 and an an entry into our competition for $10,000.

* Total prize fund = $500 (320 + 90 + 90)
* You can view our total posts in the Business Advice Forum Statistics area on the bottom of our home page.
* It will be easy to refer members when you tell them they can win $30 every day and participate in our $20,000 cash contests.

You can get your referral ID and more info on how to refer members in your User CP.

You can also use our Invite Friends system to refer your email and social network contacts.


1. Prizes will be paid via PayPal
2. Only members who have made at least ten quality posts on our forums will count as referrals, for the purpose of this competition.
3. IP checking will be used to identify any cheating or manipulation of the system.
4. The contest winners will be announced in this thread and will have five days to claim their prizes.
5. The Admin's decision as to the contest winners, rules, etc., will be final.
6. Click Here to view payment confirmations from members who won our previous competitions.

The official prize for this competition was to be $320 and I've added a $180 bonus.

Please feel free to reply to this thread with any questions you may have.

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