Tutorial on How to create a bootable CD/DVD

Before you can do this stuff you need to have a nero burner.. if you don't have , you can buy or download it from the internet ....In case if you haven't heard or use nero before . don't worry you can search it in the intenet...
First we need to what what is bootable cd/dvd ,

I will give you a short explanation of what is all about.. so we can all understand

This means that the ISO9660 File System has an extension which provides information to a BIOS so that the BIOS knows where to boot from and what files to load from where. Bootable CDs or DVDs are a BIOS thing, once the OS is up and running the bootable structures are ignored.

It is not simply possible to copy a bootable floppy image onto CD or DVD and then hope the medium is now bootable. The File System really needs to know and needs to provide special structures and volume descriptors (in accordance with the El Torito standard).

If you want to create a bootable CD or DVD you need to use a mastering application that does it for you. E.g. in Nero or Easy CD Creator you can check an option to make a bootable CD/DVD and the application will then prompt you to insert a bootable floppy or use a bootable image.

Am sure you understand already what is bootable then we may begin the process.

Start Nero - Burning Rom.
Select File -> New... from the menu.
1.) Select CD-ROM (Boot) or DVD-ROM(boot)
2.) Select Image file from Source of boot image data
3.) Set Kind of emulation: to No Emulation
4.) Set Load segment of sectors (hex!): to 07C0
5.) Set Number of loaded sectors: to 4
6.) Press the Browse... button

Step 2

Select All Files (*.*) from File of type:
Locate boot image file....lets say boot.bin, boot.img or boot.ima....etc

Step 3

Click ISO tab
Set File-/Directory length to ISO Level 1 (Max. of 11 = 8 + 3 chars)
Set Format to Mode 1
Set Character Set to ISO 9660
Check all Relax ISO Restrictions

Step 4

Click Label Tab
Select ISO9660 from the drop down box.
Enter the Volume Label as BootableDVD or whatever you want.

Step 5

Click Burn tab
Check Write
Check Finalize CD (No further writing possible!)
Set Write Method to Disk-At-Once

Press New button

Step 6

Locate the folder say eg. C:\Files
Select everything in the folder and drag it to the ISO compilation panel.
Click the Write CD Dialog button.

Press Write. And you're done.