Tutorial on how to Share a folder on the internet

This tutorial will teach you how to access someone's folder in you computer or any other computer over the internet... like you want to share some files in a long distance way. there is no need you to send your file through mail or something because with this method you can can directly access his/her file ..

The method is very easy to follow..

Download wippien.
Install it and reboot your computer.
When you run wippien, a "Settings" dialog box will appear, in the dialog box select "I have existing Jabber account.
In the JID field type in your GMail/Yahoo! ID(messenger/mail).
In the password field enter your GMail/Yahoo! password.
Click "Test Account".
Then It will check the account and give u a new dialog box with just "Success" written. click OK on the dialog box.
Click OK on the Settings dialogbox and wippien will start.
Now add the other user with whom you want to Network your computer.
do the same with the other computer.
Then Wippien will automatically install a LAN connection that will be logical or you can say virtual in your network connections.

Now share your computer, printer whatever you want via internet!
have fun!