Tutorials on How tos: Google Chrome OS and Canonical

As Chrome OS was foretold last June we considered these as a favorable development, bringing option to the consumer. We studied how open source development is as a good deal of about co-operation as it is close to competition. Google have made it clear that they are sharp to develop Chrome OS openly and we have had the joy of hosting a number of the Google team at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Dallas over the last a couple of weeks where we have been able to see that receptiveness in action.

In the concern of transparency, we ought to announce that Canonical is bringing engineering to Google under contract. In our discourses, Sundar Pichai and Linus Upson pulled around it clearly that they need , wherever possible, to repose on present components and instruments from the open source community without excess re-invention. This clear focal point should do good to a broad variety of present projects and we invited it.

On the consumer part, people will demand about the positioning of Chrome OS and Ubuntu. Although the two operating systems apportion more or less core components, Google Chrome OS will offer a very different experience to Ubuntu. Ubuntu will keep on to be a worldwide purpose OS running both web and native applications such as OpenOffice and will not compel specialised hardware.

So 2010 appears to be a very interesting year. In addition to birthing Ubuntu experiences with both existing and new OEM partners, we will be acting with Google on Chrome OS based devices.