Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari Enabling Private Browsing

Guyz this is what I have learned from countless of minutes In reading and searching about computer and internet. What you are about to read below is a very useful tutorials if you want to stay hidden from the internet. Meaning you can surf the internet privately..

Below will show you how to stay hidden as you will follow this simple tutorials

If Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 have functions effective to purge all traces of your activities on the Net, neither browsers proposed mode for the duration of a session to browse without leaving traces.

Google Chrome and Safari have such a private browsing mode that records no information about your browsing: the history of pages visited, form data, the list of files downloaded ... are not recorded on your hard drive.

Thanks to free extensions, you can have a similar system of private browsing in Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 7. Now learn how to exploit this incognito in Google Chrome, Firefox, IE 7 and Safari.

Google Chrome:

Chrome, Google web browser has a private browsing mode to remain incognito on the internet. Here is how to add private browsing in Chrome:

  • Launch Google Chrome.

  • Click Customize and control Google Chrome.

  • In the menu that appears, click the Order New incognito window.

  • A new window is open in incognito. Web pages visited in this window are not recorded in the history of navigation.

  • When you close the incognito window, all new cookies are deleted.

  • Note that you can both browse normally and in incognito mode, using two separate windows.

Mozilla Firefox

With the Firefox Distrust extension you can easily add an option for private browsing to Firefox:
  • Run Firefox. Click on the Tools menu and then click Add-ons.

  • In the search area of the Catalog tab, enter Distrust then click the magnifying glass.

  • Then click the Add button to Firefox.

  • Click the Install Now button.

  • Click Restart Firefox to finish installing the extension. Finally close the window ons.

  • When you want to start a private browsing session, go to the Tools menu and select Start Distrust Session.

  • You can also click on the icon representing an eye on the bottom right of the window.

  • A green cross on the eye tells you that Firefox will not record any trace of browsing.

  • To exit the private browsing mode and return to normal mode, go to the Tools menu and select End Session Distrust or click again on the icon of an eye.
Internet Explorer 7:

If there is no extension for Internet Explorer that adds incognito browser, you can use the tiny Browzar software for your private sailing. The latter is indeed based on the engine's browser Internet Explorer 7. Browzar does not require installation.
  • First Download Browzar

  • Select a folder to save Browzar, C: \ Program Files \ Browzar for example, or on a USB key and then confirm with Save.

  • Once the download is complete, you can run Browzar double clicking the downloaded file BrowzarBlack2000.exe.

  • The history of sites visited, cookies, form data, files cached in Browzar, are not stored on your hard drive.

  • Thats it. Your browser is completely private.


Like Google Chrome, Safari, Apple's browser has a default function incognito. This function preserves the time of a session, the privacy of your online activities. There is then stored: no cookies, no historic sites and downloads, no forms of information or research.
  • Launch Safari.

  • Click the Edit menu and then click Private Browsing.

  • Click the OK button.

  • The history of sites visited, cookies, form data, files cached, etc.. are not stored on your hard drive.

  • Now you can surf in Private mode on your Safari browser.
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