list of shooting games site

Am going to show you my past time leisure when I feel bored, i will just automatically flip over to the site below.. just to play my favorite games which is absolutely free, all you have to do, sign up then activate your account. whoola you are in.. you can play all day, since you can choose from hundreds of game you like..

“activegamez”: has created their list of the 50 greatest shooting games in our time, whether they were in the arcade, or on any of the consoles.

The top of their list is made up of some old favorites that pale in comparison to modern shooters, but they deserve credit in their own right for pioneering new concepts in the genre. But like they say in the article, you don’t have to agree with them or their list.

If anything it’s a good list of shooters that you may have missed over the years, and most of them you can now easily find and play on your computer with an emulator.

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