Devil May Cry

Before I begin, I must start by saying that I've been in the middle grounds for Devil May Cry since the first game was released. Not once have I loved a DMC game, nor did I hate them.

I found the first fighting games innovative, fun, stylish, yet extremely short. The 2nd game felt rushed, and really didn't do the series justice, however I still had fun beating enemies up. 3 I really had no desire to play, but I was hoping they'd innovate more, to keep the series fresh. The story in this game was awesome, but really there was nothing new....except for it being extremely difficult.

Now, I originally heard about DMC4 from a friend when it was still in early development. I was excited that they decided to switch up the character, and was thoroughly impressed at how nice the graphics looked...Boy was I disappointed when I popped this game in.

Story: I like to keep this part short, I'm not going to spoil anything, but basically the game begins with this character "NERO", arm in sling, heading towards this big cathedral place..after a nonsensical cutscene Dante comes in and they fight....etc

Really, I was hoping the story would be good, but as the game progressed I just felt as if it was tacked on by a 14 year old boy last minute. The story really really doesn't do anything new, and to be honest it was bare and boring.

Graphics: These were excellent for the time. Playing the game today, they really look dated as far as new games are concerned(MW2, U2). But even despite that, the graphics are great to look at. Dantes facial hair shows perfectly, the lightings great, Nero's animations are smooth, and really the scenery is a lot better than previous games. The previous games felt like I was just running through a narrow never ending dark hallway the entire time. This game switches it up with some snowy places, etc.

Gameplay: This was really the problem I had with this play games. Not only did it NOT innovate at all, they took the DMC3 combat system and said "Hey, how about we just get rid of all the challenge it had, and make it so button mashing a single button makes you pull off insane combos". This game was pathetically easily. I honestly had not a single challenge throughout it at all. Maybe the normal combat is harder, but the 'AUTOMATIC' bull**** was just pointless.