Game for the Whole Family

Uno is a great family card game. There are a lot of rules. But the game is not hard to learn. Basically, you lay down and get rid of your cards by matching colors and numbers. There are specialty cards that make the free games fast ,fun,and frustrating. Sometimes you have to change direction of play. You may have to pick up a bunch of cards. Remember you are trying to get rid of them.There are all kinds of special packs like Barbie, High School Musical, Elvis and many more. Newer editions of Uno have added a card spitter that gives out random number of cards to unsuspecting players. Mattel is always working to give this old game(1970) a new twist. Small and inexpensive, it makes a good gift for a family.Check it out for your next party.


This is a newer card game. You can get it at Wal-Mart or most drugstores. It is somewhat like Uno. You match colors and numbers to get rid of your cards. But in this play games , specialty cards make you swap hands with someone and sometimes swap all around the table. The players really complain when their good hand goes to someone else.This is wild. It is a favorite of my 10 year old grandson. Give it as a gift and play it with the family.

Buzz word

Kids will love this game. You get to shout out answers. In this board game you pick a card that has a buzz word ,meaning all the answers will have that particular word in them.You then have 45 seconds to answer 10 clues. The teams compete against each other and it doesn't matter how many you have playing. Everyone on your team can shout out answers. You will be surprised at all the things the kids can come up with. This is great for after dinner drowsiness.

There are many other games out there just waiting to be tried by your family. They make great Christmas gifts and provide years of fun. Watch for future articles where I will review more great games.