Hardcore Fighting Game Enthusiast

The webmaster and creator Frankie Yagami claims that you won't be able to find this type of information provided on Google or any other search engine. He is correct to say so because I had searched months on Google for websites that are similar to that of Fighters Generation. But, it was to no avail. I couldn't find anything similar or better than this website. Of course there was "Siegfried's Fightermania" but the website seemed to have died several years ago.

The reason Frankie Yagami created this site is because he's a fighting game enthusiast. He seems to be one of the few such as myself that's passionate about this very genre of fighting. This is the one website that caters to the older generation of gamers whom are familiar to the one-on-one Vs-style fighting games such as "Street Fighter II", "Mortal Kombat", "Tekken", "Virtua Fighter", and so forth.

His explanation is reminiscent on how arcades were extremely popular before more people started to play the console games more. Anybody familiar with that period should remember whenever new fighting games came out to arcades, many people including myself would flock over and wait in line to play. When "Mortal Kombat 3" came out, people flocked to it. When "Soul Edge" came out, people flocked to it. He also commented that this genre of gaming has never brought that big of a crowd and that type of an impact.

The site's emphasis is that everybody can use this site to reminisce and reflect back on the birth of fighting games and it's evolution throughout the years. It's something anybody can relate to regardless of what language you speak, what color your skin is, where you're from, what religious preference you are, your gender, or your sexual orientation. Not only does this serve as a database of fighting games, The Fighters Generation also serves as a type of fighting game news media as it's constantly updated with reports of present and new fighting games.

Whenever there's a new version of a fighting game out, Fighters Generation is already on top of that. Whenever there's a new fighting game under development, Fighters Generation will be on top of that as well. Yagami expressed that this site emphasizes that "Fighting is art" and "art is fighting". As a martial artist, I can very much relate to what Yagami expresses in regards to the creation of The Fighters Generation.

There are other things to check out where TFG has an annual banner contest where the winner gets a giftcard to be spent at any EB Games or Gamestop. They also have information listed about the top 20 selling video play games
franchises which is a must see for any game fanatic.

TFG also has a data base of feedback from viewers to Mr. Yagami himself along with his responses.

Overall, TFG is a great online database for most of the known fighting games. This is one site you do not find everyday. Unless you know what to type on the Google search engine, you will have a hard time finding this website. In short, TFG can be deemed a fighting game enthusiast's dream come true.

The chances are high that you will not find another site like The Fighters Generation for a long time.