Microsoft's Xbox Live Free Games Arcade

Another Electronic Arts game, many should remember the name of Road Rash. Also released on the Sega Genesis, Road Rash was THE racing game when it first came out. Pitting the motorcycle riding player against 20 other racers, Road Rash allowed player to brawl their way to the top of the racing leaderboards with a variety of weapons and attacks. Put the great racing and brawling together with the fear of being arrested by cops or being knocked out by a rival and Road Rash became, and still is, one of the most white knuckle racing games this day. The simple, yet outrageously fun play games and potential for online competition make EA's Road Rash a must have on Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade.

Saturday Night Slam Masters

Wrestling fans of old will probably remember this title fondly. First appearing in arcades in 1993, and later on both the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis, Saturday Night Slam Masters is a wrestling game tailored to the theme of Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade. Its two main modes, Tag Team Gauntlet and Single Gauntlet, bode well as arcade-style challenges for single players and friends alike. A possible online mode would allow players from all around the world to challenge the best in these striking and grappling contests. The gameplay is simple enough, with 3 buttons, for punching, grappling, and jumping. First to lose their health bar is the loser. A simple game, at a low price, which provides a load of fun. Seeing Saturday Night Slam Masters on the Xbox 360 would be a dream for me and many other fans of this classic game.

General Chaos

Habitual readers of my articles would have likely seen an article I wrote a few months ago about a game called General Chaos. Released on the Sega Genesis in the early 90s, general Chaos was one of the first free games that gave you control over a squadron of military units, a Real Time Strategy pioneer in my eyes. The game can be played with merely 3 buttons and a joystick as you move your troops into pinpoint positions around the mini battlefields as they blast away at the opposing side. Its simple click and move gameplay, fast paced battles, perfectly cartoony visuals, and slapstick humor make it a fantastic game for Xbox Live Arcade, and more importantly, online play. Microsoft could hit gold with this game.