NASA Moonbase Alpha Online Multiplayer Video Game

In a couple of years from now NASA Somehow be not have a plan or a project
to get a couple of Astronauts to get into some planet to study but they may have another option that they are about to launch as early this year. Is is a game which is close to think that you are in the moon this play games is design as you are in the moon to let the gamers know somehow a thought of what kind of surrounding and feeling to be there.

A games called Moonbase Alpha where anybody who wish to play they can, by going to Valve's Steam Network for a computer user it will be available on July 6 which am sure thousands pon of thousand wish to play this games and many are waiting for this free games during the launching so I am I very excited to play this game too am not so sure what will be my impression but am have this intuition that this games is really one of those games
that worth to buy and play for and this games maybe somehow a shooting games.

This games has been created as accurate in the moon or a space environment for a PC gamers and this games can be somehow and entertaining for and education of what is an atmosphere or the moon all about. With the advent of multi-player games today which entertain millions of gamer around the globe so this Moonbase Alpha also is a multi-player this is just like dota or some games today that are multi, and the creator wish to provide a great games where gamers will have fun while playing.