Video Games for 2011

Get ready for a huge amount of great video games! Later this year and into next year, there is many big name titles coming out for various systems. The following is four of the best games that will be coming out. Games are listed in order by release date (soonest to latest).

1: Fallout New Vegas

In this followup to Fallout 3, you once again are put in the nuclear wasteland. This time it's Las Vegas, Nevada and surrounding areas. The disaster isn't as bad compared to previous games, so the areas are generally brighter and full of more life. The play games almost like Fallout 3, with many improvements and new features. One big new change is weapon mods. You can improve weapons with scopes and other items to do better damage.

The game is a roleplaying game with shooter elements and is for one player only. It will be released for the computer, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in October of this year.

2: Donkey Kong Country Returns

Donkey Kong Country Returns is the sequel to the popular Super Nintendo series: Donkey Kong Country. In the game, you play as Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong in a traditional platform game. You have to jump, collect bananas and defeat enemies to progress through the game. Old and new gamers alike should enjoy the style of the game.

The game is for one or 2 players and will come out exclusively for the Nintendo Wii sometime during the holiday season this year.

3: Epic Mickey

Mickey Mouse stars in this platform game that is darker compared to the Mickey Mouse movies. In Epic Mickey, you play as Mickey himself, and must travel through a Cartoon Wasteland. The game features many cameos by other Disney characters, as well as scenes from classic Mickey shorts such as Steamboat Mickey. Any age fan of Mickey should enjoy this game.

The game is for one player and will come out exclusively for the Nintendo Wii in December of this year.

4: Marvel vs Capcom 3

The long awaited sequel to the popular 2000 game: Marvel vs Capcom 2 is set to be a great fighting game. Characters from Marvel comics battle against video game characters from Capcom once again. The game will mark the
first time it's been in 3-D. Some characters in the game so far include Wolverine, Ryu (from Street Fighter series) and Chris Redfield (from Resident Evil series). The controls will be simple, so even fighting game novices can get in on the fun.

The free games is for 1 or more players and will feature online play. It will be released in spring 2011 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.