Battlefield 3

After the Battlefield collection has been for the gaming systems, PC players happen to be thinking about if and when they would ever receive an extra devoted 64 player Battlefield game for the PC. Keep in mind the PC made the Battlefield series what it is presently, consequently PC players are looking for some online game intended only for their computer.

Truth be told there have not been any details on Battlefield 3 yet, only it is considered verified there might be one sooner or later. Deciding to buy Medal of Honor places yourself on a privileged 'beta' tester listing for Battlefield three, but that is just about all which has been identified at this point. There's been a whole lot of rumours concerning just what exactly should be included in the video game, even though there's been seriously little to no proven features.

Most features that are speculated to be in the game will be the well known destructible environments from the Bad Company series, nevertheless extremely perfected. Everyone is dreaming about returning towards the 64 person online games that got Battlefield its fame in the past of Battlefield 1942, and additionally Battlefield 2.

The destructible surroundings will most certainly be the element that definitely will possibly be within Battlefield 3, for the reason that it's been appreciated by the average person, and critics admired its introduction within the Bad Company spin-off collection. At the same time, the 64 players characteristic may or may not end up incorporated, and purely time will tell if this particularly envisioned feature would be included. Remember, there are numerous rumors the game can become extremely big scale, such as MAG on the Playstation 3, with even more than 64 competitors. This could be a cool characteristic, then again yet again this is a rumor.

News concerning the online fighting games will probably be regularly added by the DICE staff, and we will once and for all find out details of this evasive xbox game. Undoubtedly these people do not really want to make known far too much, and keep game enthusiasts thinking about exactly what will really end up being inside the online play games . Stay tuned for more!