Scarface: The World Is Yours

I have spent many hours listening to the delights of Tony Montana, who, might I add, is my all time film hero. He is a massive legend. Peoples heroes are usually, Batman... Superman... TONY MONTANA. This play game has the best intro to a game ever -

It also has another cool quote near the end of the montage of the film - “You wanna play rough? Okay, say hello to my little friend!” Anyway, enough quoting this genius – lets begin on this review.


You start off loaded on the cash front, and have a lot of coke, then the inevitable happens, YOUR MANSION IS ATTACKED! Then you must work your way back up the Miami cocaine ladder, by doing drug deals, popping some gangs ass, or more importantly, going on violent rampages – oh, and you can buy businesses, go on cocaine runs once you get your first Storehouse. It gets a lot more fun once you have a decent amount of money, and can start buying things.


Well, you have a lot of variation in the guns, and they can be upgraded, which is an important thing to do before attacking any storehouse, as you will be a dead man if you have garbage weapons. The other good thing about these weapons is, although varied, they are mostly automatic, which is great for taking on groups of enemies. This may sound like an instruction booklet – but trust me, once you know the joy of running down a street shouting, “Get out of my way, you ****in' cock-a-roaches,” whilst spraying bullets, your face will light up. Guns like the shotgun are not advised to be used (that was intended to sound textbook-y). Anyway, if you like guns, and you don't want a minimum of 20 years in the slammer, GET. THIS. GAME.


A lot of people overlook the music in games, yet in this, you can't help but notice it. You will constantly avoid a mission just to hear the end of the song – you might not be as sad as that, but I am certainly am... “Ninety six degrees... in the shade!” Or, another... well, I won't say good, but a funny song, which is the Human Beatbox. The song just involves a guy spazzing out... throughout the whole song... over and over again. It is just so good though, you will listen to it over... and over again. Oh yeah – the greatest song of all time – besides Help! And Imagine All The People – PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT! LIMIT! Best. Song. Ever.


We all know how cool and awesome Mr. T is – now you can be him. It is like a dream come true for me, second to playing The Godfather and whacking people. I used to think that The Godfather was the best film ever – then Scarface entered my life, and ever since, I have been addicted to it. I have bought hats, the same game on different consoles, and posters. Anyway, back to gameplay. You can go around doing anything you want, like laundering your “dirty money” to some bank with some rip-off of a fee. I would make more money risking it, than making my money clean. A good tip to make an infinite amount of money, without cheating, might I add, is by... Selling drugs to a drug dealer, then killing him for you drugs back. One problem – you get a lot of gang heat, which reduces your money income on coke runs.


I thought this deserves a mention, as you just can't leave it out. Ever got so pissed off, you just have to scream, I am going to go cap your ass, but in Mr. T style? Well, now you can. By one push of a button, you can taunt enemies, or annoyances on the street. It is so funny, I just HAD to mention it. Anyway, you can't really say much about this except it is absolute hilarity.


Okay, so – once you get your Mansion, it is crappy, trashed, and dismal. You get a CATALOGUE! Okay – it is garbage, but some of the stuff in there is decent. Like, cars, boats, and 'Copters. For some reason, I spent days on end getting a lot of millions for one item. It took me ages, but I loved it. Completing that catalogue gave me the biggest thrill of all time. I had the glory look on my face for days. It was an achievement in my mind – I had no achievement for it, as this was on the good ol' PS2, that never failed me. I could just hear a DING! in my head saying – You Rock – “100,000G”.


Do you think Tony Montana never had to keep n00bs at bay? No. He had to make sure no Gaspar Gomez copycats were on his turf. So, you get a gun, go trash a gang, which can be very hard, or very easy. However, it is surprisingly fun. You also make a lot of money in the meanwhile. You can pick up these crates which may contain Coke or money. Preferably money. It is always good to use Blind Rage in Turf Wars, which reminds me...

Blind Rage:

This is a useful tool. It grants you for a short period of time – Invincibility, and every kills gains you health. It is really useful for killing mobs... or for regaining some health. How do you get this wonder? By doing my favourite thing in the game – TAUNTING! You collect balls, like +50 for taunting somebody. This all adds up to get you your blind rage. There are other methods of getting balls, like killing, but taunting is hugely superior.


All in all – this is the best free games I have ever played, not because I am a Mr. T fanboy – just because it is made of pure win, and genius. You might slaughter me for this – but hey, I am reviewing! I give this game a...