Starcraft Games - The Greatest Game

The original Starcraft in the '90s made famous the "zerg rush," The plan is to put together as many low-priced, lower echelon, infantry as quick as possible and assault your adversary before they have a chance to build. Using a basic zerg rush or Zergling Rush in the case of Starcraft 2, with the right speed, you can crush your foe in a few short seconds.

So, how does the ancient tactic hold up in the newest version of Blizzard's {blockbuster RTS update? It's generally similar, but with a few very important variations. to begin with, the fighting games is much more arduous if you fail. An unsuccessful rush is virtually the end of your game. Both Protoss and Terrans will desecrate a Zerg team that has a comparable ammount of units, so if you don't [progress~move} rapidly, you can consider yourself done.

Practicing to Master the Rush

To steer clear of the ultimate defacementof your units, you'll be rewarded by downloading and working with AI maps. Rather than facing off in opposition to human competitors that can reduce your rating or rub in your sucky moves, you can play on virtual maps vs. non-existentenemies while offline. Anticipate losing a few times as you learn how to get your queens into gear more rapidly and to utilize your assets as rapidly as possible, but in point of fact Zerg is not that difficult if you can master the manipulation of those numbers before the Terrans out position you or the Protoss bring in their elites.

The Siege Tanks and Colossi are two units you should keep away from as much as feasible throughout your rushes. Known as "splash damage" units, these will be able to absolutely annihilate your forces immediately due to how low the strength typically is with a Zerg population.

Expanding and Attacking

At the start of the shooting games as a Zerg, all of your tactics will revolve around setting up and expanding your units as quick as possible. If your foes have the inclination of turtling and laying in defensive structures early, taking advantage of their reticence can be exceptionally useful.

The Rush

Dispatching your drones to mine for resources as early as possible begins a basic rush. Consequentially, you'll want to assemble at your hatchery so that you when you aquire ten supplies, you can create an Overlord. As soon as you hit 14 supplies, you'll want to stop building drones and produce your Spawning Pool and Extractor. Make a Queen when you move up to 16 supply with your Drones. Lastly, improve your Zergling Speed with the gas and then start building Zerglings as fast as you can. The instant you reach 22, obtain your expansion and boost into gear with a Baneling Nest.

From there, it's time to obliterate your adversaries with your substantial store of units. Believe me, your foes won't have nearly as many units to take you on unless they've been gearing up for a rush. Starcraft 2 makes it a lot more feasible than in previous games and expansions.

A zergling rush will merely get you so far, nevertheless if you're well organized, can act quick, and are good at disguising your objectives from your adversaries, you'll be well on your way to devastating them in those primary few moments.