Viking: Battle For Asgard

I'm pretty disappointed with this game because it had a lot of potential for a hack and slash game. This game is repetitive and lacks many things which hold this game back from being a great game that it could have been. Viking Battle for Asgard is based on Norse mythology as you are a viking by the name of Skarin. Skarin was chosen by the gods to stop Hel which is the Queen of the underworld and is also Loki's ( The evil shapeshifting god) daughter as she tries to bring ragnarok about the world which means total destruction. The game has a great plot which in many ways resembles God of War's plot, but it lacks a story like God of War has. From start to finish you really don't find out much about Skarin's background or why they chose him to help the Gods.

When the game starts Odin's daughter Freya steps in the middle of a battle and saves Skarin as long as he pledges allegiance to her and makes a promise to go after Hel. Finally you are off to roam large lands in search of your fellow vikings which are held captive by Hel's army of the undead. That is what you spend a lot of time doing, but there are certain ways of going about this. Skarin has the ability to sneak around and if you sit and wait to watch the guards patterns then you might be able to sneak in without being noticed and free your fellow vikings. The other way is to just run on in and hack and slash your way through the enemies which can be really fun considering the fact that you dismember their bodies. Sometimes when in battle you can trigger a feature to where Skarin will completely and utterly dismember the enemies with special attacks. Either way you have to kill the guards so you can do it yourself or free the vikings and they will assist you in killing these foes.

One thing that is good about this shooting games is that you can uprgrade attacks and add enchantmens to your weapons which sometimes will enchant the friendly army around you. Though some of these upgrades can be pretty pointless. Well after freeing enough vikings around the enemy camps you will enter a great huge battle between you and your army and Hel's army. This is where the excitement really is as there are literally over a 100 people are on screen at once though it tends to slow down here and there at times. While in the mist of these huge battles you have objectives you have to complete where you have to kill the Shaman's which have the ability to bring back the fallen enemies and cast spells or the champions of the army and those are easily to spot as they are very large enemies that can take a lot of your army out at a time. While trying to kill these champions there are button sequences just like in God of War where you have to hit the correct buttons until you finish off the enemy. During these battles you will see dragons fly overhead that you can sometimes to call on to torch the enemies.

That is where the excitement ends and you repeat all of that for the next to large lands, but the battles to become more intense each time. One of the few problems I have with this game is that it lacks sound. You would think that the sound would be great because you could hear swords hit each other, but that is not the case and sometimes you can't hear yourself walking or even the rain drops as they hit the ground. The other problem is that this fighting games has wide large lands, but with nothing to do at all but look for gold and such.

This is a good game and I do like it and all, but it could have had a lot of potential as I previously stated.
So I'll give it a score of...