Information About Mmorpg Tera Games

Next-generation MMORPG "TERA", a new public information and two-class system based warrior tribes and Beastman play games.

Bluehole Studio has developed a next generation MMORPG TERA GOLD The new information is published. They opened up this time, and two new species of Amman and a port policy, samurai, about two classes of Berserker's High Elf and other cities Aruremanshia.

The tribal system is a beast man, but has already introduced Kesutanikku, and looks almost identical with the Kesutanikku Unlike humans, like the face Gyaos Amman (system reptiles?) Is characterized by large species. Are engaged in battle with ancient tribal fighting. Is sent as slaves to the daily suffering of the giants in the past, Davan Hebaza liberator hero has been crowned as they are built around the statue.

The Aman group, freedom and honor, and respect for race and self-sacrifice. Kaiadoru their city, known as a fortress city block south of the northern tribes argon.Poly Po, the race but it looks like a fat bear cub, patterns formed by various tribes. The type of women's race Elwren ruling class and social policy in Poland and the queen. Merunimu commoner layer below it, Ur, and there is Berinimu race.

Erurinu goddess of sleep that they had created a lake of the month, Poland has become a sanctuary policy. The magic of this ancient lake is issued, it has been the patron of their city Poraerurinu. New monster race Grulla is huge, with a head like a race covering the body can be said that squat spherical. But lazy, is to have high intelligence. Magic rituals "people skills" food that has been known to do, but the food was laid from surgery who is their servant and Shinusu species.

Shinusu the crocodile looks like a mashed, magic is made by Grulla life. Low intelligence, a fierce personality. Being treated as a menial Grulla military.
Berserker warrior and class information

The newly published class two. The Warrior and Berserker shooting games, which both Melee Fighter series. Samurai Hands to manipulate a huge sword, heavily armed fighters. The power of the attack speed slow enormous. Wider range of attacks, and works best when surrounded by enemies. Normal attack
Big sword wielding. Four consecutive times, going up the power. Rotation cut
Reservoir system. Great skill damages to concentrate power. Longer strong enough to be collect.

Stepping great legs, a trip loaded with enemy forces stroke. Avoidance
Jump over enemies, and fend off revolution. There seems to be to stand guard. Berserker Ax manipulate huge warrior. Slow attack, but also narrow range attack, stroke power stroke has explosive stuff. Tricks and stun the enemy looks at it that struck the earth.

Normal attack

Bring down the ax. Four consecutive times, going up the power. Reservoir hit
It accumulates power, land one powerful blow. Accumulate more power up, but long range attack is quite small. Hit the ground.

Hitting the ground with an ax, stun nearby monsters. Defensive weapons
With an ax to defend. Fellow defense is useless.

Aruremanshiahaierufu Magic City Magic City that are made, the magic of the big city core Alborea continent. Despite the middle of the desert, in the core as a source of magical power, the city has built a rich environment. Our coalition has its headquarters mysterium of magic master of the continent.

The core system, which is a powerful source of magical energy to support the High Elf magic civilization. Thanks to this core, it can handle in the magic Aruremanshia anywhere without much effort.