Shank Fighting Games Review

Shank is a tough guy. The kind of guy with whom, if you get confused, it is better to finish the job because if he remains a spark of life, it will make you eat your guts. It's like that Shank fighting games . When he enters a bar, he threw a grenade in principle, just to sort out the men and pussies.
Those for whom he worked had betrayed him. They killed the love of his life waiting for a child by him, and left him for dead. Terribly sorry, Shank returns to avenge all the bastards who have done him wrong. And note, you do not talk about sweet revenge to Agatha Christie, with a little arsenic in the tea cup the head of the wicked. Oh no sir, here we do not file a complaint to the police with a sergeant who knocks on the machine with a finger. You're in a world inspired by Kill Bill, Rodriguez's Machete (also double Partner Shank) and a plethora of nanars 80s. When Shank settles accounts, is armed with two knives in his hands, two guns in holsters and a chainsaw in the back. And maybe a few grenades to brighten the evenings dull.

Shank has that thing that makes a game that does not easily forget: the leg art. Devilishly good design, your character evolves in 2D like a Metal Slug which we have grafted an engine cartoon. It is simply magnificent in-game. The expressions and attitudes are hilarious Shank, as when wearing a heavy Gatling gun with teeth clenched and a constipated approach Robocop. One anticipates the action by visiting some light effects superbly managed, for example when one is in the dark, that we can discern Shank (and enemies) as his shadow and his face appears in the light of his guns when they spit lead. There is no denying that graphically very very successful. Only drawback, quite incomprehensible, the choice not really animate the cut-scenes. It produces attractive images with a display worthy of a power point. It's still very stupid, I must admit.

Beyond its excellent design, Shank offers a classic 2D gameplay, after all, which is reminiscent of the unforgettable Metal Slug proposed that the Neo Geo in his time. Extremely easy to access in its gameplay, Shank does not leave to chance in its accomplishment, so much so that still touches interventionism when it climbs a wall or down a slope at full speed. Little chance to wear out, which is not necessarily worse because what is sought here is blood, guts and if possible combos. From that side, we must admit we are very very very well served. Shank will rely on his chainsaw, two knives, and his pair of guns and some hand grenades and right from the start. Then, by the way, he can count on a good pair of machetes, Uzis, a shotgun, chains and all kinds of accessories and offering new combinations every time. The enemies are mostly sensitive to a particular style of attack and so you have to juggle between different ways of fighting to send up the carpet without getting rub out. It's bloody fast, and pleasurable. That's all we want.

A lot of combinations available, which unfortunately are not always synonymous with efficiency. Indeed, it is sometimes easier to reproduce the same gestures indefinitely rather than risk a few combinations without much chance of passing ... The shooting games play in both is very nice for its friendliness, and more, offers a different story than solo. However it is a shame that the gameplay 2 was not more thought for cooperation because we are proposing exactly the same as one, but a duo. Another problem with Shank, it quickly falls into the shortcomings of the genre, namely the repetition of the action. But for fifteen euro, it must be admitted that four hours of play are very friendly and will offer hours of good rumble fans of the genre.

Shank, with his non-stop action to the former, multiple combinations and beautiful design has much to gain a place in the hearts of action fans. A very pleasant surprise for fans of the genre, although it is somewhat limited in gameplay.