Sniper Shooting Games

Sniper shooting games today is the one of the most precise weapons, weapons that promises you if you are sure of your capabilities that you're not going to miss your target. Let's look back a little bit in the history. In the distant 1770s sniper was used for the same purpose as today and that is to break up enemy formations and to thwart him from his goal, which is flanking the main body of their attack force. The term sniper for the first time was used in 1824 in the sense of the word "sharpshooter". The verb "to snipe" originated among soldiers in British India where a "sniper" was doubt a hunter skilled and trained enough to kill the elusive snipe.

Different countries have different tactics of the use of sniper and different military doctrines. The primary function of sniper is in warfare, when our enemies are close but not closer enough to reduce their military force and their fighting ability. This is when snipers go on scene by striking a high value targets and with that demoralizing the enemy, make them fear and lose concentration for their further actions.

Every typical sniper mission includes:

- Reconnaissance

- Surveillance

- Target marking for air -- strikes

- Counter -- sniper

- Killing enemy commanders

- Selecting targets of opportunity

- Destruction of military equipment

Which tend to require use of rifles in the larger calibers for ex. such as 50 BMG or Barrett M82 etc.

It's amazing, the longest range recorded for a sniper kill was accomplished in an engagement in November 2009, and it stands at 2,475 (2,707 yd), a fact that tells us how powerful is this weapon.

If you are person who likes to test your skills in shooting, if you want to know how steady shoot you have, how quick you can be when you are in danger and under big pressure, if you want to see do you got what it takes to be a sniper master, but you don't have opportunity and legal rights to do that, than try playing sniper shooting play games, which can bring you closer to this dangerous world without hurting nobody.