Final Fantasy XIV: Discipline of War

Final Fantasy 14 play games is the online play the role of the institution. It provides a tool for multi-player game. This means that a player can play the game alone and with other teammates and opponents. This is a very good graphics and sound. This is a series of games have been played by people all over the world.On 14th edition of the game that has been published in several languages and has fascinated many people. Final Fantasy 14 is the latest addition, which was delivered September 30, 2010. It is exciting and has many new features and concept. Final Fantasy classes is divided into 4 disciplines.

These divisions are based on the weapon and an instrument other than the character a. For example, the character that has the tool as a sword and a shield is a gladiator. Character with a spear gun and spear is a spear and falls under the disciple of the war. The weapons and tools can be modified at any time.Modification of these tools leads to changes in the work of letters and scholars. This makes the game more attractive and composites. The game has a longer duration, and adds to the satisfaction and expectations. There are 4 total followers and each is further separated into subgroups according to the tools and weapons they have. The first disciple is a follower of the war. This situation is further divided into five parts.

They are indeed Gladiator, Marauder, Pugilist, Archer and Lancer. A Lancer is a disciple of the war, using poles and spears for battle. The strategy used by Lancer, is to touch and disturb the enemy with their long arms and two hands pole in the same time, swim with much overlap attacks simultaneously.They are trained to use many different weapons. This makes them versatile in battle. They are very talented and can also kill more than one enemy simultaneously. The fighting games weapons most commonly used by them is a spear. FFXIV GilThis seemed highly Lancer, Lower Mhigo. They are involved in a number of other weapons and abilities that can be used in Lancer. This also includes throwing a spear. Using a long pole arm, or may cause serious harm and damage to the enemy from the stands.They do not need to enter combat. They have many other advantages. Weapon skill of the nozzle can be used by them. They are able to push light, heavy battery and ferocity. This requires low endurance for the benefit of the reader. They have the talent to kill more people with a movement. This can be done to ensure that the Lancer is compatible with other enemies. In this way, it can kill multiple enemies with a thrust.