Star Trek Online

Studio Cryptic Studios unveiled a new loyalty program for its MMORPG Star Trek Online free games . So, now for each guest in the game user, you will receive a special title of "Recruiter" (Recruiter), and 400 Cryptic points. In addition, the captain of your ship and the officers will receive additional skill points. In general, the more friends you will be able to lure in the Star Trek Online, the higher the level of your charges.

In addition, the developers have implemented a new program to encourage "veterans" who had spent 100 days in the game and more. Now, the more time you'll spend on a trip to outer space, so to a large number of bonuses to gain access. Then you and the new ships, and additional slots for new characters, and all sorts of titles that will allocate you against other players.

In addition, from 7 th to 10 nd of May, any former active user of the Star Trek Online could be back in the game. It suffices to use your login and password and see what during your absence has changed in this universe. Well, those who have never visited the world of Star Trek Online, can do so on May 7. Now you can set up a "shortened" version of the game, and then read a few missions and take part in the online-bouts. And only then decide whether to spend money to buy a full version.

Open Beta Star Trek Online has successfully launched and everyone is happy. In particular, the guys with, who have already received the keys to the test. Probably there are still a couple of key, but they can only get users with paid accounts ($ 6.95). And if you are the same greedy as we are, then just wait a few days, then access will be available to all. Testing began yesterday and runs until January 26, so why do not sleep.

By the way, play games comes out on February 2, but those who pre-order, will be able to logs in just four days before the official release. And download the client, which weighs about 8 GB, can be here.