Beginner's Guide to StarCraft 2

Anyone who is into online shooting games gaming or gaming in general, can appreciate this author's intent to give the basics to competing and enjoying playng one of the most popular games in online history. If you take some time to invest in education and strategy building, your level of success and enjoyment will be greatly enhanced by reading this report and using a guide to help you minimize the learning curve.

The new game of Starcraft 2 has been out for a while and has already attracted competition everywhere. Recently there was a tournament going on StarCraft 2 at BlizzCon 2010.

As a beginner who wants to learn to beat your opponents with ease. It is not so difficult once you get an idea of what is happening. I will explain some strategies that you should go down.

This is not a specific race. You should only choose a career they feel comfortable enough to work. Focus on the domain of a race that either Protoss, Zerg, Terran o. Do not believe the myth that the races are unbalanced because Blizzard has made many tests and studies to ensure that the game is fair.

Ok so first let's talk about building the economy. It is very important to build a strong economy for each game. How fast is important minerals. You always want to be playing your opponent to harass their employees while maintaining their workers covered is important.

I always like to follow a pattern of play time. The first is constant employee training. Do this until the current resource base is fully saturated.

This means it has 24 employees (full screen) collection of minerals. That is 3 per mineral field. Here are three gas workers for a total of 30 people is ideal. Just before reaching this point would be a great idea to start building an extension.

The spread varies from race to race. With Zerg is different, since they work best when they grow fast. Also his kennel only costs 300 minerals, while a command center and a link cost of 400 minerals.

Each race has its own economic advantage. Terran players should always upgrade to the orbit command, once you have about 15 MCS out. Then use all the energy on mules, which are temporary, but are more efficient than MCS and collect about 300 minerals in your life.

Zerg is the trick exhaust that will give you an extra two drones to harvest from the beginning. Be sure to check that. You can also create multiple planes at once with the larva.

Protoss players will not have to waste a probe or have been occupied when deformations in buildings like the other two races. So be sure to create the structure and then send the probe back in mineral or listen online. Protoss players also must use lap deformation impetus to faster probes from the beginning.

Hopefully you learned some basic techniques and skills of fighting games in this report and for further advantages to playing this game read on to the end of this report to find out how.