Medal of Honor Heroes (Video Game) Review

When I search for something to buy a game I found this a couple of month ago and its one of the best psp shooting games that I have ever play

When you first turn on the game, you are struck by the music and the main menu. Once again, EA NAILED IT! Great MUSIC, and the Menu is easily navigatible.

I thought it'd be best to learn the control scheme in Skirmish mode rather than try my luck at playing online... ...once again, WOW! It was as if I had picked up a PS2 controller. The guys at EA got this right! There are a lot of small "shortcut" buttons that allow for all the functions that the PS2 Medal of Honor Games have. For example, double tapping the right D-pad button will automatically switch to grenades from your weapon--very handy in a heated online game!

As far as the Multiplayer, which is why 99% of people are buying this game, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! I was shocked to see that there was already 32 people online, and I jumped into a game with no hassle. One thing I love about the game is the ability to pick up weapons! This is very handy when you are regularly a sniper, but at the moment, the Bazooka that the guy you just killed was carrying looks very appetizing.

Another GREAT feature that adds a lot of strategy to the game is the Sprint function. By normal ways your soldier will walk, and if you NEED to run, you tap, and then hold the up analog stick. By doing this your character will sprint, BUT he will also lose his energy (which is represented by a meter in the lower left corner). Once he regains his energy you may sprint again. This is very much like real life, and is a healthy alternative to those other games that let you sprint continuously around maps with irregard to the fact that humans, and especially weapon-carrying soldiers DO get tired, and slow down.

Really, I can't say anything bad about the game AT ALL. My only advice would be to turn the sensitivity of the analog stick and directional buttons up ALL the way, because they were a bit sluggish when just starting.

The maps in this game, were something I didn't cover to well, but they absolutely ROCK! My favorite so far is the bridge map! I sniped 4 Nazi-Scums on that map in about 2 minutes.

I know that not all of us do like this games, but am sure Counter Strike fighting games you like that much