Tutorials on how to Hide Files and Folders in Windows

This techniques offers the most secure way of hiding your confidential files.
where in nobody can locate and search that file...

Hiding a files and folders using the folder option we can’t expect full protection for files and folder as there in-built feature for searching hidden files and folders in windows.Super Hide files folders in Windows

With but using this technique it’s impossible to reveal any hidden file or folder in normal way. Files and folders will completely hide.

1. First open the Windows command prompt.
For that Go to START -> RUN and type CMD

2. In DOS prompt go to the location where the file or folder exist you need to hide.

* Hiding Folders:

For a hide folder, you just need to type its name with the command given below. Replace the Folder name with the actual name of the folder you’re going to hide.
Now type

attrib +h +s FolderName

and press enter.

* Hiding Files:

For files, you have to type the extension with the file name and hit the Enter.
Now type

attrib +h +s ‘FileName.Extension

and press enter.

3. To bring it those hidden files to normal state, type

attrib -s -h FileName

NOTE: Please make sure your file or folder name which you're going to hide doesn’t contain any space.