Tutorials on How To Setup Free Mobile Internet

This has been around for quite long enough. Well, anyway, for those you want to learn how to Setup your phone to a free mobile internet, here’s some Mods, Proxies, Prov, Tips & Tricks. Just follow the links.

By the way, all credits and acknowledgments go to “Thormentor.”

First things first, setup your phone’s network configurations.
You must acquire your Network’s default settings for MMS, WAP, GPRS and Internet. Look in the manual or go to Globe, Smart or Sun Network Centers to get the settings.
[Updated] Thor's Vault: feed your mobile [added free internet/browsing tips & tricks] - Symbianize

Install “Opera Mini” to browse the Web for free.
[3.8.09] OM 4.2 FINAL [Last Update] Install>Surf for FREE. No IP/No Port.all-networks - Symbianize and here
[FINAL] OPERA MINI 3.12rc1 [added downloading and enhancement tips] - Symbianize

Install “Bolt” to stream videos for free
[Latest] Thor's BOLT Mod v.0.86.14344 capable of streaming videos for free. - Symbianize

Install “UCWeb” for browsing and downloading files from the internet for free.
[UPDATED] Final/Official Release of UCWEB 6.3 [plus New UCWEB6.3 LoFi] - Symbianize and here
[UPDATED 03.24.09] UCWEB6 HIFI and LOFI now for all networks No IP/No Port - Symbianize
HiFi – For big screen phones or hi end phones.
LoFi – For small screen phones of low end phones.

Now, you have your browsers setup, maybe you want to chat using these messengers.

[New] *NIMBUZZ Mod* all-in-one IM Client! for allnetworks. [03.06.2009] - Symbianize

[A Must Try] MIG33 messenger MOD [all-networks, all java phones] - Symbianize

QEEP Free: Photoblog, Chat(SMS/MMS), with online Games.
[NEW] QEEP - Free: photoblog, chat(sms/mms), vs. games [Smart Exclusive] - Symbianize

Also, a useful tool to download files

Thor's MobGeT
[HOT!] Thor's MobGet [added the new version] - Symbianize

If you have another way to setup your phone, please feel free to share.
Just place your
1. Phone brand and model
2. Network Operator (Globe, Smart or Sun)
3. Steps on how you setup, screenshots and some links to the files.

By the way, these are all freewares and free to download.