Tutorial to Yahoo Domain Registration for Beginners

Below is the tutorials or an information about yahoo domain registration and hosting..
I guess not all people out there know how to get some domain and hosting their site especially for a starter or a newbies... but the guides below will give you a complete detail on how to start everything from domain to hosting..

May I suggest that yahoo could guide and give you,of what your business looking for...
but I just want you to know that there a lot of company out there that offer this kind of service. If you try search it in the net there are thousand of them that offer you to give domain and host your site.

But' It's up to you where would you like to get your domain and host your site...its a prerogative..

Tutorial to Yahoo Domain Registration for Beginners

Yahoo domain registry allows you to purchase, forward, or lock a website domain. Yahoo domain hosting provides you with a domain name, as well as tools to create your business website and keep it accessible on the Internet. Building a strong web presence has become an extremely important element to running a successful business, and choosing a domain name that describes your business is crucial. Yahoo domain registration support offers tips and information to help you throughout the entire process, from picking a domain name to creating a marketable website for your business.

If you are ready to expand your business to a global level with a website, check out the following information on Yahoo domain registration for beginners:

1. Get the facts on domain registration by Yahoo and selecting a domain name for your business.

2. Understand your choices for purchasing a Yahoo domain online.

3. Be aware of your ability to transfer a currently owned domain name to Yahoo registration and hosting.

Action Steps
The best contacts and resources to help you get it done

Review domain registration information to learn more

Find out all the information about what a domain name is, why it is important and how to choose a domain name for your business. You will also want to know specifically about the process for domain registration with Yahoo.

I recommend: Yahoo Domain Name Basics covers all the basic information about domains and picking a marketable name. Work.com provides a guide to walk you through all of the steps of the Yahoo domain register process as well as other useful advice. Flixya Entertainment walks you through the Yahoo domain registration process.

Know your options when shopping online for a Yahoo domain registration

You can easily purchase Yahoo domain names online with their registry. If the domain name you want is not available, you can attempt to find out who owns it and make them an offer to sell it to you.

I recommend: Yahoo Domain Search has a tool which allows you to search for a domain name for your business and purchase it. There is also information about domain hosting and creating your website. Domain Tools features information about who currently owns a domain name, as well as its history and domain names that are for sale.

Realize you can transfer your current domain name to the Yahoo domain registry

You can transfer any domain you currently own to Yahoo, regardless of where you purchased it, as long as it is not locked. If your domain name is locked, you will probably have to get it released before a transfer will be possible.

I recommend: Yahoo's Using an Existing Domain Name page provides information to help you transfer your existing domain. Yahoo Help has more facts available to guide you through transferring a domain to a new registrar.