Tutorials on How to upload videos to Youtube directly from iPhone

I have only posted this tutorials in my blogspot just to share with you on how to upload videos to youtube directly from your iphone I know a lot of people nowadays knows how to upload.. but for those who doesn't maybe this piece of simple tutorials could solve or help your problem if you want to upload something directly. as you follow along on this tutorials hope you may learn something but please don't forget to leave some comments.

just follow this few simple steps:

  • You need to open a Video from your gallery > Camera Roll.

  • Here on the left hand corner, you'll find a box with an arrow. Click on this box.

  • Now you will see the required Option that is 'Send to Youtube'. Click on this option.

  • Now you need to login to Youtube with your ID and Password.

  • Now you will get a screen with title 'Publish Video'.

  • You need to type in the Title, description than Tag and then choose a Category for your video.

  • Once entered all the required fields press the Publish button on the top right corner.

  • Thats it. Now your video will be updated and after few minutes you will get the confirmation dialog box.
you could follow this another step:

first you need to download this
Iphone Video Recorder

iPhone Video recorderis a powerful iPhone oriented video recorder produced by DreamCatcher. iPhone Video Recorder records audio and video to the compressed mpeg4 format, so the recording is space saving, an-hour-high-quality recording will be a file as small as 60MB. It also boasts a frame rate up to 15fps which guarantees better recording performance . iPhone Video Recorder makes recording is easy and enjoyable, you may play back the video, download it to a computer, upload to Youtube, or send it out by email as you wish.

  • Record both audio and video
  • Record to compressed mpeg4 format
  • Intelligent dynamic volume adjustment algorithm
  • Up to 15 fps with high-quality video
  • Playback, Upload to Youtube, send out by email

enjoy and don't forget to leave your comments