Tutorials How to use separate wallpaper on dual monitor

Well, i have a very simple of doing that without using any utility.Here are the steps you need to follow for setting separate wallpapers on the dual monitors:
  • Open up Display Properties dialog box by right-click the desktop and selecting properties.

  • Click the Customize Desktop button on the Desktop tab. This will open Desktop Items dialog box.

  • To open the New Desktop Item dialog box click the New button on the Web tab.

  • Now browse and select an image to use for wallpaper on the second Monitor.

  • Once done. click OK, and close all the dialog boxes and place the image on the desktop. Now your pic should be on your main screen.

  • Drag the Image over to the other Screen, and select Cover Desktop at the top left of the image.

  • Right-click the desktop, go to Arrange Icons By and select Lock Web Items On Desktop.

Thats it.. you done