Tutorials on How to upload videos to Youtube directly from iPhone

iPhone 3GS has a feature to upload videos directly to Youtube from the iPhone. To do so,just follow this few simple steps:
  • You need to open a Video from your gallery > Camera Roll.

  • Here on the left hand corner, you'll find a box with an arrow. Click on this box.

  • Now you will see the required Option that is 'Send to Youtube'. Click on this option.

  • Now you need to login to Youtube with your ID and Password.

  • Now you will get a screen with title 'Publish Video'.

  • You need to type in the Title, description than Tag and then choose a Category for your video.

  • Once entered all the required fields press the Publish button on the top right corner.

  • Thats it. Now your video will be updated and after few minutes you will get the confirmation dialog box.