Tutorials on how to copy a protected cd/dvd

First i want you to know that there are several types of protection used to protect their product from being copy... below is the list of protection

Take note that copying software or games or anything that you do not buy is illegal..
take your own risk ...

This piece of information is for educational purpose only...

CD Checks
Illegal TOC (Table Of Contents)
OverSized/OverBurn CD's
SafeDisc 2
SecuRom Trigger Functions

Topy a cd or burn you need to have a cd/dvd burner in your computer with the memory of more 1 gigabytes

then make sure that you have install an installer called
Alcohol 120% [CD burning software]


5] After Alcohol 120% is being opened click the Image Making Wizard on the top left and
follow the wizard [remeber u require to have a max of 800mb somewhere on your disc to keep the image .

[ It took me around 25 mins to make the image. so be just be patient]when making the image because it would consume a lots of minutes before it will be completed.

Alcohol can make the image in the following formats .cue ,.ccd and .mds
u can chose it to be burned in to any format , i burned the image using mds format

6] After the image is created and if u want to burn it on the cd , go back Alcohol and on the top left menu
chose the second option "Image Burning Wizard" rite below the Image Making Wizard and follow the wizard
and u will have a backup copy burnt . The backup copy will also have the protection on it.

7] If you want to run it of the HDD go to where the image is stored on the disk and right click and say mount
image , the image will be loaded in the virtual drive created by alcohol.

you may download alcohol 120 here:
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