Tutorials on how to delete virus from your mobile phone

Sometime we downloaded and installed some application in our mobile phone not knowing that it contains some viruses that affect the performance of you mobile phone..

I will give your this simple tutorials in case if you are that person whose phone has been infected with virus...

All you have to do is:

1 - remove memory card.
2 - dial *#7370* or *#7073*
3 - It format your Phone

4 if the problem persist you have to remove your

Format memory card.

remove u r memory card and insert into card reader and open my computer and go to card location the right click on the mouse and select format. In this process all data on the card is gone !!!!

if you have some file which is very important you have to back it up.. before formatting..

After format the card try code on u r mobile phone and format u r mobile phone after start the phone insert the card into mobile and message will be shows memory card courupted and mobile ask format the memory card then PRESSSSSS. YES..