Tutorials on How to Share internet connection via bluetooth

In this tutorials will teach you how to gain a connection from the other computer using the device called blue tooth. but make sure that once you will do this tutorials you must have enough internet speed on the host computer otherwise the result can be frustrating because we know that the internet speed will be be more slower og logging.

The steps below below will teach you how to share internet connection via blue tooth

  1. (Start Menu / Config Panel / Network and Internet Connections / Bluetooth )

    Only one computer needs to be added, the other is recognized and added automatically.
  2. This is done on both computers and the host first.

    Go to Start Menu / Config Panel / Network Connections
    Click on Create a home network or corporate network light and follow the prompts. Once done, you share your files and your printer but not your Internet connection.
  3. On the host computer:

    Go to Start / Run
    Type CMD
    Type ipconfig / all

    Parallel to AC, go to:
    Start Menu / Config Panel / Network Connections
    Then right-click on Network Connection properties bluetooth then click on Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) and properties.

    Check Use the following IP address and put the one IP address as in ethernet card bluetooth network connection.

    In use the following DNS server addresses that are being shown under 'PPP Map Nine' That's for me but you ca depends on the principle used for your Internet connection, or looking for servers there are marked DNS, there are 2, they are good then add the above. You turn the whole and that's it for the host.
  4. You do the same in regard to the second computer except that you must add a bridge to the right function. It is in the Advanced tab, where you have set the ip / dns. And gateway is the ip of the host computer. But for the IP address change the last two values that you want.

    Remember to check 'allow other network users to connect via the Internet from this computer' in the properties of your Internet connection.