Tutorials on How to transfer bookmark from one to another computer

This tutorial is only for Mozilla Firefox or Opera....!

In order to transfer bookmark from one computer to another first thing that you need to do is to export your bookmark, and to export if you need to is go to the bookmark menu and then go click on organize bookmark

you need to click the file after click the organize bookmark

then do this...For Mozilla there is a Import & backup menu button. In that there will be Export HTML.. Just Double Click on it. Select the destination you want to save....

For Opera there is a File Menu button. In that go to Export as HTML.... Just Double Click on it. Select the destination you want to save....

Now Export that file to your new Laptop.... Open the Browser you using & follow the same procedure but instead of Export go for the Import option...
At the end you will see you have all you bookmarks saved.

For the interner explorer

1. Click on File menu and select Import and Export. In IE8, click on Add Bookmarks button or press Alt key to reveal classic menu bar in order to select Import and Export option.

2. In the Import/Export Wizard, click on Next (In IE 8, click on radio button for Import/Export form a File or Address, then click Next).

3. Select Import Favorites action and then Next.

4. Click on radio button for Import from a File or Address, and then Browse button to locate the saved Firefox bookmarks HTML file. Once the bookmarks.html is selected, click Next.

5. Select a Favorites folder as the Import Favorites Destination Folder.

6. Click Finish button to start and complete the import process.