Tutorilal on How to Save a youtube video with VLC

This tutorials will teaches you to How to Save a youtube video with VLC
It;s really very easy to follow along with the step below

- The other way to save a streaming video is to use Videolan VLC. This freeware allows you to view and simultaneously record the video stream.
1 - Download and install Videolan VLC version 0.8.5 - Freeware - Size: 7.90 MB - English - Official Site.
2 - Run VLC Media Player. Click File at the top of the software and select Open network stream ...
3 - In the Open ... window that opens, select HTTP / HTTPS / FTP / MMS
4 - In front paste in the URL address mms: / / ....
5 - In the lower part of the Advanced Options window select Stream / Save.
6 - Facing click Settings ... sober. The flux output window opens.

7 - In the Output section check all local and Play File.
8 - Click on Browse ... to specify a location and give the file a name by adding. Asf (eg monflux.asf) and then Save.
9 - Just below encapsulation method in check asf.
10 - Then close the 2 windows: the window "Stream Output" and the "Open ..." Click OK.

The video opens automatically in VLC media player and recorded at the same time in the

or if you want the easiest way..

The easiest way to record video streaming is to use Net Transport v1.87 - Freeware - Size: 1.6 MB - English. Just put the address mms: / / or another protocol such as RSTP: / / and download.