Tutorial on how Increase your working speed with Windows 7

I have been using windows 7 a couple of months already and what i have noticed from it,its far more powerful than vista. the speed, friendliness, and a lot more and it's really easy to install another application too using this OS. unlike IN vista most of software is not compatible...with .but am not going to talk about that in here , but i want to explain in here on how to increase your working condition by speeding up windows 7

Now let's begin.....

Am sure the Mircosoft itself launches this OS..not for so long in some other country like Philippines and I guess not everybody are familiar yet with these new version If you are newly install windows 7 and don,t have knowledge about it .

Here are I listed you some tips or some useful way that can increase your working speed so try this if find it is usefull

1. In Windows 7, you can grab the top of the window and shake it and you notice that all other window are minimize automatically,isn't it nice.

2. :In wondows 7 , if you want to view of preview of the minimised window on the taskbar , a similar preview pops up which also gives the option to close a window (within the preview), along with a full-size 'peek'. You can also press Win + T to scroll along previews in the taskbar.

3. A personalised Stage for your device:In windows 7,With the new 'Device and Printers' button on the Start Menu, devices which are connected to your computer can have their own Stage. This Device Stage presents supported devices with a photo-realistic render and a link to the vendor's website, along with other updates and useful information .

4. XP Mode:In windows 7,for those XP applications that do not work under Windows 7, you can download XP Mode free from the Microsoft website and run XP applications in an emulated XP environment .

5. Jumplists:Jumplists are a new feature in windows 7 that give you the option to view a list of recently accessed files by application, even when the application isn't open, by right-clicking on the application's icon in the taskbar. It also allows you to quickly access a favourite playlist without opening your media player.

6.A brand new Magnifier tool:-This tool is useful for visually impaired person, Windows 7 Magnifier provides two options for a bigger display. One of which is using the traditional dock (which took up a lot of the screen) and the other being a rectangular lens that is stuck to the cursor (meaning there is no loss of workspace).

7. Native ISO Burner:In Windows 7 you do not need to download third-party software (some of which are pretty confusing to use like Nero). Double-clicking on an ISO file will take you to a window that allows you to change the disc burner drive. Click 'Burn'. After a while, your disc is ready. Simple.