Tutorial on how to Burn ISO image in Windows 7

Guyz am going to reveal to you one of the coolest feature about windows seven and it's really very easy to used it am sure you are excited about what am I talking too.

Alright it's Burn ISO Image in WIndows 7

you know Windows 7 has many enhancements and features. But only One of them that am going to show you on this post and that is ISO burner tool which is built in by default.

There are two ways you can burn ISO images from your Windows 7 PC :

First you can Browse to the location where you have saved your ISO image. all you have to do is double click on the ISO Image and the ISO Burner Wizard will start. This is the easiest way to burn ISOs with Windows 7. not you can say to yourself that it's really easy....

Second Right click on the Desktop and click New > Shortcut. In the path type : "C:\Windows\System32\isoburn.exe" remember without quotes. After the Shortcut is created, you can change its icon which suites you.

Guyz am I hope you like it and don't forget to leave some comments