Tutorial on how to Connect your PS3 to the internet via a wireless connection.

Tutorial on how to Connect your PS3 to the internet via a wireless connection.

As ps3 is very handy to carry and you can bring it wherever and when ever you want
like in malls hotel and or school and most of this big establishment
are wifi zone..so this tutorials is perfect to will enable you
to connect your ps3 to the net via wireless

In order for you to connect to internet just follow this simple

As we begin this tut you need to be sure about your

Before you begin, make sure that:

SSID (this is essentially the name of your internet connection)
router is set so that the SSID broadcast, so you can find PS3
WEP or WPA security key (if your broadband connection is enabled (recommended))

If you do not know the ssid or the sicurity password you have to ask
the administrator or ask the person who is incharge or Contact your
Internet Provider (ISP).

After you dont everything about lets get straight to configure your ps3
for internet connection

1from the Start Menu of your PS3 go to Settings> [Network Settings]> [Internet Connection] and select [Enable].

2. Scroll down to [Internet Settings] and press the X button. It will ask if you want to continue. Select [Yes].
3. Select [Easy] if a [Setting Method] is gevraagd.Vervolgens is asked about the connection method. Select [Wireless].
4. In the next window, select [Scan]. You will see a list of wireless connections in your environment. Select your SSID and press the X button.

5. Press the right direction key to continue. Do not press the X button, then ga change your SSID.
6. Select the type of security key that is used by your Internet connection. Select [No] if you connect no security key and then press the X button. You will now see a snapshot of your connection information. Press the X button to save the connection and testing.
7. Select [WEP] or [WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK] as there is a security key is enabled. Press the X button to a keyboard on the screen and enter the key. Pay attention to capitalization. Press the START button to close the keyboard and then press the right direction key to continue.
8. Press the X button to the settings and the connection test.
9. Select [Test Connection], and wait. If the test is successful, have your PS3 connected to the Internet.

After following the tutorial above am sure that you already have yourps3 connected to the internet , all I need in return is your comments