Tutorial on how to remove the unremovable software

According to my experience before and not just one time but a lots of it
when I try to remove some appilcation from my control panel some are very much
hard to be uninstall. I really dont know why their is some instances that way

But when I notice something I found out that their is a
particular solution which is only intended for that problem
that software which is hard to remover will be over....
the software called "tweak ui" this will help you to unistall forcefully
those unwanted program that you dont want to used.

Heres the instruction for tweak ui PowerToy follow the steps :

1. Click Start, Go to Settings, click Control Panel,
and then double- click TweakUI, which yuo have installed currently.
2. Now again click the Add\Remove tab, click
the program that you want to remove,(which is not being
removed by simple process) and then click Remove.
3. Click OK, and then close Control Panel. Your program will
be uninstalled.

Now you dont have the problem when it comes to those that are hard to removed from
your computer,