Ora Shooting Games

Ora is a new shooting games which has been just been play online late this 2010
the mode of play to this game is your are going to battle against
IA- Artificial Intelligence where you have to kill all you enemies weapon which in return you can gained enough ore to proceed to higher level of the game which will also upgrade your shield to become more invincible, firepower to easy wipe out all the weapons of the enemy, and lastly the walking abilities of your character to move faster.

I have never play this kind of games before but gamers like me who have already play the ora shooting games, they said its a very good game to play other give a review about 7/10 to the ratio while other said it is the worst game that they have play and othe may say it's ok but they get bored so fast.

As what I have read the reviews of the gamers of this games. tends me not to play a game like this it's not worth to waste my time, why not choose the games which can brings more us more fun and excitment..

But you are curious to know more about this games it's here http://www.gamenode.com

Play the games that you think its cool there are thousand out there in the net today.