Fighting Games The Street Fighter Saga

Fighting Games The Street Fighter Saga

This is one of the most play games before and even today and it has been developed year after year. This has been an aged game and its being renew again this has been play around the globe, in the living room or in malls. The feature of this game is really cool since it has been highly optimized the environment been set and the special moves that has also been enhance like the power, the attack, super combos is really change to suite the favor of the gamer.

This games really needs some special kills to be a great gamer if you are not that good, you better practice and practice they keys for some special move of the games otherwise you will be easily defeated by the computer or the other gamer when you play a versus games.

Here’s some of the trick of the games. And I hope you learn something from this

And you wouldn't stand a chance even against Medium opponents on Arcade mode with the characters you can't use well. Let alone going online to be a sand-bag for those elite players. And $[...] for a game that you could only have fun with less than half of the character rosters, it's the money not very well spent.

- Controls can be too sensitive for casual players to do even some basic moves. For example, a split-second longer can turn command 'UP' into 'UP UP'. When you hold left and then quickly press right, if your left thumb is not precisely hit the RIGHT directional pad, you'd end up with 'DOWN+RIGHT' or 'UP+RIGHT' instead of 'RIGHT'. All these ridiculous sensitivity issues can really be annoying and ruin your moves.

- Practice mode doesn't help much. You can practice with the dummy, but there's no advice or video to show you the timing or even what the moves should look like. You're on your own. All the moves and combos must be done respectively, no skipping. If you get stuck with any move, you can't advance to the next.

If you have never play fighting games before like street fighter then it’s time for you to try am sure you will have a pretty god time.. The game sis really awesome and the fighting is really intense and the power if really overwhelming including the combos

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