Fighting Games - Mortal Kombat vs. Dc Universe

One of the most exciting fighting games today is Mortal Kombat vs. Dc Universe which
has been merge with two character meaning two different games but it has been combine to create a solid character in fighting games The games is about between the bad guys (villain of Mortal Kombat) and the Dc, this is really cool because you can choose any character you like from the game, you can set the games to fight against each other but being a usual gamer which i want to play anytime or anywhere I can, I don't hate this games. but am not an addict to it. do i can play it everyday.

But one thing I can be assured of this games, it is a fun to play, I know Mortan Kombat Games and play it before, it was fun play during those days. in short, it entertain me a lot.and since the character being mix, you can choose some known character in dc

This fighting games, the gamers can control more of the character and more sytle of action as you will follow some series of step to produce a very quite powerful combo and power. I have play the games, its not bad almost as like the old game that I know before no hidden haracter in the games.

So don't expect to much from this game if you are a hardcore gamer but still if you want to play this games am sure its still be a fun to play. Me I find the games to be an interesting to play together with the other gamers, I don't know about you maybe you like shooting games for than fighting games, but if you have never play this game before try if for yourself and have a review too.