Adults don't have time for Online Free Games?

Basically, it boils down to perception and popularity. If everyone is hopping onto the Tolkien bandwagon, then your nerdy fantasy side will gladly hitch a ride. But if there's a similarly themed video game and you don't see everyone around you feeling the excitement, it becomes easy to pass judgment.

Adults don't have time for free games.

Adults don't have as much time for games as students do, but there's always time. It's all about finding a balance. If we have time to go drinking or to watch every Lakers game on TV, then why isn't there time for an adult to play a few video games here and there? The fact that the console or PC is always there, conveniently located in the home, makes it easy to find time. Video games are not perishable; they don't expire or run out. If you get really busy and can't find time to play for a while, it doesn't matter.


This article is not to say that an adult should shirk his or her duties with work, family, friends, or spiritual life. Again, it's about priorities and balance. Gaming can easily be fit into most adult lives, especially considering their convenience. It's up to anybody to decide how much time they want to devote every day. If gaming provides enjoyment and release to a particular individual, no adult should have to feel embarrassed for having a legitimately satisfying hobby.

Times have changed, but a lot of people haven't changed their thinking. Maybe it's about time that we revise our unwritten rules on how to be an adult. There are probably old-timers out there that still think the Internet is a fad. And believe it or not, there are still grownups who think video fighting games are just for kids. True, gaming is not for everyone, but age shouldn't be a factor. Let's spread the word and debunk these myths, shall we?